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Graceland Industry Pte Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wengfu Group.  Wengfu is one of China’s leading phosphate mining and fertilizer manufacturing companies.  Our objective is to act as a vehicle for Wengfu Group to engage and develop business outside of China in order to promote the companies fertilizer products and diversify the business into related industries building on the companies strengths in the China market.


1981: Guizhou Phosphate Development Co. founded

1984: Guizhou Phosphate Co. founded

1985: Wengfu construction project leading group formed

1990: Wengfu Phosphate mine started construction

1993: Wengfu Phosphate Fertilizer Plant started construction

1994: Guizhou Wengfu Chemi-Phos Imp. & Exp. Corp. founded

1995: Wengfu Phosphate Mine and Beneficiation started production

1999: Wengfu Fertilizer Complex started production

2000: Wengfu fertilizer Plant began to produce DAP

2001: Wengfu Phosphate Fertilizer Plant passed certification

2005: Guizhou Tianfu Chemical Co. Ltd founded

2006: Wengfu Purified Phosphoric Acid Plant started production

2006: Wengfu Chemical (Guangxi) Ltd founded

2007: Guizhou Wengfu Lantian Fluorchem Co. Ltd. Founded

2007: Wengfu successful bidder for EPC of Ma’aden Phosphate Rock Beneficiation Planrt with capacity 12.5 MMT

2007: Wengfu Arabia Co. Ltd founded

2008: Wengfu (Group) Co. Ltd founded and sales revenue exceeded 10 bn yuan

2008: Wengfu (Dazhou) Co. Ltd founded in Sichuan

2008: Wengfu Chemcoal (Guangxi) Limited was renamed Gulf Resources (Guangxi) Limited

2009: Graceland Industry Pte Ltd (Singapore) founded and sales revenue of group exceeded 11.5 bn yuan.