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Major Sales Agreement Signed For Windimurra Vanadium Production

Atlantic Ltd (ASX: ATI, Atlantic) is pleased to announce the execution of a major sales and marketing agreement (Agreement) between its wholly-owned subsidiary Midwest Vanadium Pty Ltd (MVPL), Wengfu (Group) Co Ltd (Wengfu) and Element Commodities Ltd (Element) for the sale of 100% of the ferrovanadium production from the Windimurra vanadium project (Windimurra) in Western Australia.

Wengfu is a major Chinese state-owned mining and chemical manufacturing group and a leading international player in the phosphate and fertiliser sector.

Element is a specialist Hong Kong-based global supply chain and commodities trading firm.  Financially backed by Wengfu, Element manages the global flow of raw materials with significant expertise in marketing vanadium.

Wengfu Australia Enter Fertiliser Market.

Graceland Industry is pleased to announce the formation of Wengfu Australia, a new entrant to fertilizer distribution in the Australian market. Graceland and Wengfu Australia are part of Wengfu Group, one of China’s leading phosphate mining and fertilizer manufacturing enterprises.